Innosoft & Innoprotect B570/B580 Twin Pack 250ml With Sponge and Gloves

Innosoft  & Innoprotect B570/B580 Twin Pack 250ml With Sponge and Gloves
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Remove rust with Innosoft B570

Innosoft B570 rust remover is a special deep cleaner that removes oxides like rust from stainless steel. It is a white viscous liquid with a pH value of 3 consisting of organic acids and surface-active agents: it is free from abrasive particles. Innosoft B570 rust remover is suitable for the intensive cleaning of contaminated surfaces like flash rust and other rusty areas, also known as ‘tea-stains’. To remove rust was never as easy as now. It is certainly not a pickling agent, so it does not attack the metal. Innosoft B570 rust remover is therefore non-aggressive for metals, but very effective on oxides and dirt.


Clean Stainless Steel with Innoprotect B580

Innoprotect B580 is a neutral and mild cleaner and highly suitable for cleaning stainless steel. Next to the cleansing properties and removing the dislodged oxides and contaminations this product will provide a nano scale protective layer in order to prevent new corrosion as much as possible. Innoprotect B580 is powerful stainless steel cleaner suitable for the daily maintenance of lightly contaminated surfaces.



Innosoft B570 has the same, or even better results but requires intensive mechanical work. Innogel B450 is ideal for surfaces that are difficult to reach. Innogel B450 has a contact time of 4 - 24 hours, where Innosoft B570 gives instant results. 

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